flower arrangements of the auto show

In the depths of winter, opportunities to photograph classy looking flowers are thin on the ground, so you take your chances where you find them.  Luckily for photographers who like both cars and flowers, a flower arrangement or two is a standard feature of the main desk of a large Auto Show display.   These arrangements have to look fancy, but they also have to be tough.  They have to last for days in low light, and therefore usually consist of sturdy flowers like calla lilies, tulips, and especially orchids.


All white has also been in style for years,  so the quintessential Auto Show arrangement is probably a display of white orchids.  Twisty sticks are a classic secondary element that need no water at all.  I thought this orchids looked like a halo for this salesman.


But these striking callas with rusty stripes were actually something I’d never seen before.  To the left, green and red orchids, of course.


And this year’s winner was Audi, who treated us with various orchids combined with hibiscus and berries all in the lushest possible shade of red.


Orchids. The official flower of the Auto Show.

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