a work day recommendation

Work work work.  Ink cough ink cough repeat.  It’s the perfect day for podcasts, especially non fiction ones.

My current favorite is 99 Percent Invisible, which is about design.  When you think about it, that’s a pretty wide subject.  Over the last couple of days, I’ve listened to stories about currency design, a mystery house, the history of plastic, sports mascots, travel and civil rights, being a Hollywood “extra”,  building with concrete, and a number of other subjects I didn’t know were so interesting.

Find the 99 Percent Invisible home page here.  Or, since their website is about the best designed podcast site around (makes sense, I suppose), click here to go to a page of their archive.  Click on the ” play” symbol in the middle of the illustration for the story you want to listen to, and it just plays.  No gyrations, no windows opening on top of other windows, no messing around.  Just a mild philosophical debate about the computer mouse and its impact on how we think and work.  I think I am going to learn about fortune cookies next.

(If you have a favorite podcast, I’d sure like to hear about it.)

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