smashed mosquito macro

That is a title folks.

This story started yesterday when I was cleaning up the kitchen and found the dried up remains of one of those really big mosquitoes.  Somebody must have smashed him in the last weeks of mosquito season, when the big ones are common, and then left him to dry out in a remote corner of the kitchen.  He is somewhat worse for wear; he’s missing all but two legs and is down to one wing, but he’s still pretty interesting to look at.

Now here is the difference between ordinary people and cartoonists who are also keen though not particular skillful photographers.  Ordinary people, when they find a dried out smashed mosquito in their kitchen, immediately throw it away, perhaps while saying “ew”.  plate-blogThe second class of person sets the mosquito carefully in the middle of a clean salad plate, puts plate and mosquito away somewhere safe, and waits for the light to get good so they can take pictures of it.


This is what he looks like close up through the new macro lens.

IMGP0059-shadow2-freecrop-blog-use this

And this is his sole remaining wing:


It is a lovely design, every bit as elegant as a dragonfly’s and with the same oil slick iridescence. Plus you can actually see the dust on it.  Macro work is pretty cool, although it does reflect rather badly on a person’s housekeeping.

(Edit: Regular reader Wolfie has written a cool poem to accompany this post!. You can read it in the comments.  Highly recommended.)


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6 Responses to smashed mosquito macro

  1. 1971wolfie says:

    Little little skeeter,
    little skeeter smash
    Smash smash, dry
    dry dry flake
    entropy takes its toll
    two legs left
    and a single wing
    little skeeter dry
    dry little skeeter
    lying on a plate
    once I flew
    now I lie
    once a menace
    now a model
    little dry skeeter
    smashed little skeeter
    two legs, one wing,
    and forty-seven teeth.

  2. Rick Santman says:

    Bravo Wolf! clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap!

  3. Sean K. says:

    Great pictures! (also, great poem, Wolfie) I don’t think I have seen this much skeeter detail before.

    I also wonder if it might be a female – they are the ones who do the bloodsucking, as I recall.

  4. Pam Bliss says:

    I always thought the great big long legged ones were males. But I admit I am no entomologist.

  5. seakingdom says:

    I have just shown these pics to my girlfriend. Her comment is that you are “a woman after my own heart!”

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