small potatoes


You know the phrase “it’s small potatoes”, meaning it’s trivial or not so important?

That’s about as small a Yukon Gold as you can get.

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3 Responses to small potatoes

  1. Sean K. says:

    Well, that’s assuming that these actually are Yukon gold potatoes. The sign does use quotation marks around the name, after all. 🙂

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Yes. This photograph was taken this afternoon at our local butcher shop, which (unfortunately) cannot be broken of its horrid habit of using quotation marks for emphasis. It’s ghastly, I know, but I’ve never called them on it, and my guess is no one else has either. The way to even a grammar snob’s heart is through his or her stomach, and they could * form a plural with an apostrophe* for all I care as long as they continue to cough up the prime steaks, home smoked bacon, store preserved corned beef, nifty fresh sausages, imaginative deli treats, cottage pies, local slaughter lamb and all the other gorgeous foodstuffs. You can have bad grammar anywhere but alternatives to mediocre (or worse) grocery store meat are hard to find. (Vegetarians should feel free to disregard, although their cheeses, salads, ice cream, condiments and sauces, wine and desserts are very good too.)

  3. 1971wolfie says:

    “Yukon Gold” potatoes
    They’re “delicious”
    and “nutritious”
    They can be prepared “100 different ways”
    They can be “mashed”
    or made into yummy “potato skins”
    They are “full of vitamins”
    and “fiber”
    They can be “thrown up to 50 yards”
    They can “fix a flat”
    or “do your taxes”
    or “check your blood pressure”
    or “negotiate a long-lasting peace settlement in the Middle East”
    They can “fly you to the moon”
    or “take you on a magical journey”
    They can “supercharge your love life”
    or “help you take control of your financial future”
    They’re “Yukon Gold” potatoes
    and they’re “on the side” at dinner.

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