words and pictures 1: the articulate toe exemption

wordsandpictures-articulated toe

The Claw/Paw/Articulate Toe Exemption: Any student with a variant body form that involves his or her feet, including, but not limited to, the possession of claws, paws or articulate toes, may apply to be excused from wearing official footwear or any footwear at all.

Best thing I ever did, filling out the “No Shoes, Please” form. I’m sick of trying to fit into your morphist clothing ideals, man!  But what they don’t tell you is that even a stamped certificate doesn’t get you out of wearing socks with your knickerbockers.  Luckily my sister is pretty good at knitting—she says its even easier when don’t have to do the heels and toes.  (You use a circular needle, if that means anything to you.)  She made these to match my sweater vest and they look OK even if she is my sister.  They’ve got cables.


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