words and pictures 2: alternate universe: sketchbook


wordsandpictures-sketchbookSuddenly it’s like there are sketchbooks all over the basement of the Library. They’re black, 7×10, spiral bound: a whole tall stack of them that Iowa is cataloging. They’re clearly the work of a single artist.  Most of the stuff in them is ordinary cartoonist stuff—doodles and character designs and weird people and random monsters and animals and practicing with new tools. 

But some of the drawings hit a little close to home, like this crazy one where Iowa’s boyfriend seems to be a bleached blond hipster in a long black overcoat and the werewolf is just … different.  “That one guy looks like a jerk,” said Jack.  “I’d never wear a coat like that. It’s such a cliché. “

The Professor shrugged off his long black overcoat.  “Neither would I,” he said, if I was as short as the other guy. ” It takes height to carry off.”

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