a rare breed: the hanover hound

bumpus1-blogThis is Bumpus.  He is employed by our Sheriff’s Department in a search and rescue capacity and I met him today at a fundraiser for our local K9 units.  This fundraiser was held at our favorite diner and I kept getting up from my grilled ham and cheese to meet and photograph some very cool dogs.  Dogs are good in a diner.


I guessed that Bumpus, being a big brindle hound, was a Plott Hound.  (A Plott is a classic American coonhound also used to hunt big game, and it is, well, big and brindle– the only large striped hound you commonly see.)   But his partner informed me that Bumpus is not a Plott but rather a Hanover Hound or Hanoverian, a breed that’s rare even in Europe and almost unknown here.  I’ve certainly never met one before.  (It’s also the breed that was almost certainly crossed with early American hounds to create the Plott Hound, so I was on the right track.  To use an expression appropriate to the topic.)

Regardless of his unusual background, Bumpus is a cheerful, down to earth kind of guy who enjoys being petted, meeting new people, and (obviously) sticking his magnificent nose into things.  Good dog, Bumpus!

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3 Responses to a rare breed: the hanover hound

  1. Wolfie says:

    “Hanover Hound” sounds like a kiddie cartoon character- he’s a big dog who wears lederhosen and speaks in a thick German accent. He’s not the villain, though, like a lot of Germans end up being. Hanover Hound is the big, strong, soft-hearted, literal-minded, stubbornly persistent lawful good guy, and may indeed be a detective or private investigator.

  2. Rick Santman says:

    Yes, but more of the Boston Blackie style than Sherlock Holmes.

  3. Pam Bliss says:

    Not sure about the lederhosen– I think the Hanover Hound is a city boy. But the rest of this concept is first class.

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