welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: bud

(Continued from yesterday’s post)

Although I liked my first attempt at stick figure Kekionga and enjoyed how easily recognizable the characters were, the designs had some pretty obvious fundamental flaws.  Wolfie, who is my long time First Reader, suggested that if the human (more or less) characters were going to have simplified costumes with some roundness to them, they needed to have more than simple stick figure legs to hold them up.   He suggested a second line, with an angle to suggest a foot.Kekionga chibi-bud1-blog

And that was the key to the whole thing.  Of course, this is no longer a pure stick figure but a kind of chibi, a simplified, large headed version of an established character, often used in humorous stories.  Welcome to Chibi Stick Figure Kekionga.

Since these characters will first be used in a minicomic called ASK BUD!, here’s the design for chibi stick figure Bud, junkyard owner and Kekionga’s home town cosmic teacher.

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