welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: iowa

Kekionga chibi-iowa1-blogIn a comic with a title like “ASK BUD!” you might assume that someone will be asking Bud some questions.  This is a pretty obvious assumption, but in this case you’d be entirely correct.  This person would be Kekionga’s resident lady and scholar, and Our Heroine, Iowa Ginsberg.  Although we usually see Iowa’s working life in the context of her position as Librarian’s Apprentice to Professor Gideon Lykander, she is also still a student at Sauk Trail State and has to take a course occasionally.  That means dealing with papers and projects, including her final project for Social Science 305, Oral History in Theory and Practice.   I think you can see where we (and Iowa) are going with this.

It was at this point in the process that I started adding some solid blacks to the developing character chibi stick figures.  Iowa, like so many of my characters, often wears a V neck pullover of some kind, so it was logical to make her usual thin sweater or jersey the featured costume for this simplified version of her design.

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1 Response to welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: iowa

  1. Wolfie says:

    Yeah, the blacks really make the design pop. It’s good to see you having so much fun with this!

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