welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: jack

Kekionga chibi-jack1-blog

Wherever Our Heroine Iowa Ginsberg can be found, you can be sure her Best Guy Jack Swann won’t be far behind.  Jack isn’t just called Our Hero for his role in the ongoing story of Kekionga: he is a genuine superhero with super powers and a costume and a code name and everything.  As Foursquare he is the protector of Kekionga.  As Jack, he works for Bud at the Junkyard while Bud acts, reluctantly, as his mentor.  Chibi stick figure Jack is mostly in his secret identity, although he wears a hoodie with Foursquare’s logo and Foursquare’s distinctive Hero Boots.

This is where the power of Wolfie’s suggestion (see post 1 in the series, Genesis) really shows itself.  The addition of the foot forms to the basic chibi stick figure design allowed me to further customize some of the characters by adding their favorite shoes.

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