welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: professor lykander

Kekionga chibi-gideon1-blogProfessor Gideon Lykander is that classic, traditional genre character, the werewolf librarian.  (Not a tradition?  Not my fault, ’cause it sure should be.)  He is Iowa’s boss and mentor at the Noakes Library at Sauk Trail State, which has a rather more “interesting” collection than one might expect from a modest State school.

In his chibi stick figure form the Professor is slightly more “wolfed out” than he would normally be in an every day story, but that’s the great fun of drawing simplified characters.  They let you go that one step further and draw the essence of the character rather than just what they look like.  And Gideon has wolf ears in spirit even when he doesn’t show them.  His eyebrows, sideburns, glasses, Moondog collar and uncombed hair and untucked shirt are just as usual.

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