welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: those kids!

What story about a small town is complete without a pack of pesky yet heroic neighborhood kids?  In Kekionga, Those Kids! are nature loving Pounce,Kekionga chibi-pounce1-bloggood girl with a spirit of adventure Nina,Kekionga chibi-nina1-blog writer/tinkerer Moose, who often narrates their stories,Kekionga chibi-moose1-blogscholarly and strong minded Lee,Kekionga chibi-lee1-blog dreamer, artist and weirdness magnet Murphy, Kekionga chibi-murphy1-blogand tough guy and budding hero Mr. Spit.

Kekionga chibi-mrspit1-blog

Chibi stick figure kids aren’t just shorter than the adults: they have rounder heads and childlike features like larger eyes set lower on their heads and noses with lower bridges.  These are the first finished sketches and I think some of them need a bit more development, but the likenesses and costumes are there.

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2 Responses to welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: those kids!

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    Love Those Kids! More please!

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    They are the heroes of one of the new comics for SPACE, and characters in “Ask Bud”.

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