welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: neighbors

And finally, while its obviously important to have a core cast of well developed characters with strong relationship ties, they don’t exist in a vacuum.  In a small town, people have neighbors.  Making chibi stick figures of the entire supporting cast of Kekionga will definitely be tons of fun.  But remember ASK BUD, that minicomic that these characters are supposedly being designed for?  I’d like to finish that before the end of time, thank you very much.  So here are the chibi stick figure versions of the neighbors who will actually be appearing in this comic: Iowa’s roommates, history major Shelley and unfrozen cave girl woman Gale, and retired god Anpu.

(Read Gale’s origin story right here on the blog!)

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2 Responses to welcome to chibi stick figure kekionga: neighbors

  1. Wolfie says:

    Gale and Anpu both translate exceptionally well to chibi format. (Chibization?) Gale’s bone and Anpu’s furry legs really add the charm.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Thanks. The furry legs are of course a chibi-only feature– Anpu has a more or less human body except for his head and tail in the standard comics. Gale, of course, looks great anywhere.

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