work work work, blog blog blog

Work, work, work.  Sleet falls and the internet is sporadic, so just a here are a couple of random things.

“Blog” is short for “Web Log” and many of the earliest blogs were journals.  So today I revert to that original form and write a technical note to myself.

“When editing lettering on Paintshop Pro using the selection tool on a file in pure black and white (1 bit color), keep the color replacer at 7 pixels and the paint brush at 37 pixels.  Use the paint brush as an eraser and the color replacer for fine corrections to the letter forms.”

You, no doubt will need different sizes to suit your own software,  lettering style and preferred file sizes, but the idea is basically sound, I think.

Also, the answer to yesterday’s question is “Russian black bread”.  My scrumptious example was photographed at Russian Tea Time,  across the street from the Art Institute of Chicago.  Gorgeous Russian and Eastern European food there, as well as afternoon tea and dozens of different kinds of vodka.  And that black bread, with the seeds and bits of onion in it.  I ate the last piece for breakfast today.

Lunch or tea at Russian Tea Time is an essential part of my favorite day trip to Chicago, along with Central Camera, the big Dick Blick art supply store, and of course the art museum.

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