the state of the state

OK. Here’s  what’s going on here at the studio. It’s going to be a busy few weeks, with lots of changes and a steep learning curve, but the blog will continue, and (I hope) come out the other side with some interesting changes and improvements.

Some of you saw me at SPACE over the weekend.  It was an awesome show in spite of the snow and ice (what’s the deal with that, weather?) and we all had a good time hanging out and learning cool stuff about comics. To get ready for the show, I of course printed out the latest comics, Ask Bud! and Day of the Brontosaurus, as well as some miscellaneous signage for the table.

And after it all was printed, my ancient computer, 15 years old and running Windows XP, went quietly to the last computer roundup.  It gave its final effort for one last minicomic, one last show, and it did a fine job.

My husband, who is our resident IT guy and computer builder (this is why my computer lasted for 15 years) has a new machine already built for me (running Windows 7!)  but it will obviously take some time to get it set up and for me to learn how to use it and get ready to work again at my new station. He anticipates that simple writing and working on the Internet will be possible within a few days, while access to photo and art editing and the services of a scanner and my wonderful old HP LaserJet from back in the day when they had metal cases and were really good, will take a little longer.  This is going to be a huge project, and very nasty for him, so we ask that you to bear with us.

What this means for you is a blog that even more than usual will be a bit of this and that as I post from my phone or tablet. Expect the usual phone camera pictures, things I find on the internet, and little poems and bits of writing, but also a special treat series that I hope to start tomorrow or Wednesday.  And eventually there will be a better blog, more social media connections, more and better digital art and photography, and maybe even a real Kekionga webcomic.

And later today, more pictures of the Cheese Monkey.  Everybody really seems to like the Cheese Monkey.

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