cheese monkey 2

2016-04-11 16.51.53Here are a couple more images of the Giant Cheese Monkey from Sunday’s post.  For extra fun, I’ve tweaked these a bit with the editing suite in my new tablet.

2016-04-11 16.53.56

Turns out that from another angle he is a Wine and Cheese Monkey.  For anyone who is curious, you can see the Cheese Monkey at the Marc’s store in Westerville, Ohio. (We bought hair conditioner, protein bars, a six pack of beer, two small duffle bags for $1.99 apiece, and a 100 foot garden hose. We love Marc’s.)

The Cheese Monkey is definitely a macaque of some kind. He reminds me of the monkeys associated with the Hindu god Hanuman.

All hail the Giant Cheese Monkey!

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