bud and the bugs from dimension x: post 4

More live action from the first Kekionga minicomic!  Photographed in the living room and blogged from the phone in the back yard.  Studio?  What is this studio you speak of?

image Nina is the first to make the big sighting, but Spit, of course, has to state the obvious.  After all, creepy bugs generally don’t come from anywhere good.

And yep, the kids were right.  Tiny little doorways full of strange light, emitting columns of insects amid a field of dark energy  probably represent a problem of some kind.

Large areas of flat black are the small scale cartoonist’s best friend, but today I might fill that field with a pattern of tiny spirals to avoid the conflict with Mr. Spit’s black windbreaker.

And Spit’s face as he coins the title phrase should be one of the illustrations on his model sheet– it’s the quintessential Mr.Spit.


Right, Bud.  You’re looking at a tiny doorway to Dimension X, and Nina comparing it to a cursed dollhouse door is “being silly”.

Looking back on it, Bud is behaving in a pretty seriously sexist way here. I know he is mentoring Mr. Spit and trying to channel his energies in a positive direction, but this is ridiculous.  I can only conclude that this story takes place before Bud meets Iowa and she and her friends start pointing out examples of pervasive sexism in front of him.  Bud is always learning from the world around him, and he certainly wouldn’t say that to Nina today.

On the other hand, his point about dangerous small things is well taken.

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