bud and the bugs from dimension x: post 5

Continuing our live reading (with creator commentary), of the very first Kekionga minicomic, Bud and the Bugs from Dimension X. Originally, Bud was supposed to be the title character and every story was going to be called  “Bud and The Something or Another”.  Soon after I made this comic, I made another called Bud and the Mysterious Stranger, but that was as far as that idea went. Bud is still in most of the comics, though.

If these photographs look a little different than the ones in previous posts. Instead of blogging them directly from my phone, I added an extra step today and moved them to my tablet computer where I can process them with a more powerful  software  package. Are they better? Worse? Not really all that different?

2016-04-16 14.32.29This page was probably my favorite ever when I drew it, and I still love it very much. The three “sneaking” figures in the first panel represent one of the first really successful expressions of my  ongoing impulse to compact my figures even further, beyond the standard 5 or 5 and a half head proportions I was already using.  And Nina’s exploding hair is sort of always present underneath her normally “put together” personality.  Look carefully and see the sound effect it makes  when it escapes from her pigtails.

Mr. Spit, of course, is Mr. Spit. He never takes himself too seriously.

2016-04-16 14.31.16It’s like swallowing a spider to catch the fly–  if they don’t  get that door shut, who knows what’s  going to come out and chase those birds.  Hint, hint.  That’s the hint that’s supposed to be built into these pages, anyway.

The bird characters were originally supposed to be more snaky or dragony, but they turned into birds instead, and I amended the script to match.  Birds  are actually better, I think– less alien and just slightly  otherworldly,  like the bugs themselves. Besides, even ordinary birds are pretty scary when they fly right in your face. Bud, of course, isn’t scared of birds. Bud wouldn’t be scared of dragons.

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