it’s only a paper moon

8788aecbbb468f1e4be9815661b92e60I’ve always loved old fashioned “paper moon” photographs, and have wanted to do a series of drawings of my characters in this setting for a while. Maybe I’ll get around to starting them this week.  Here are a few of the images I’ve been collecting as references. 41da4ff7d407707aef124c56bd70ab67The tattooed gent and the girls with bows are both genuine vintage, while the lady below with the striped stockings is a modern pastiche, taken at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival in 2012. (And don’t  you wish you’d been there?)


The collection’s in my Pinterest on my board called “the classic moon”.

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One Response to it’s only a paper moon

  1. Wolfie says:

    Super cool! I always love things that remind us that our great (times however many) grandparents were fun-loving humans, too.

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