bud and the bugs from dimension x: post 6

2016-04-18 16.18.56And so Kekionga officially begins. You swallow a spider to catch a fly, and the next thing you know a strange animal is leaping through a tiny doorway in a blot of dark energy and leaving footprints on your head.

Not that Kekionga wasn’t already one of those small towns, the ones where the boundaries between .. places are a little thin, the ones where anything can happen. It already had its deep history, its cryptids in the woods, some of its folklore and many of its inhabitants. But it is with this arrival that this current cycle begins, and an epic cycle it is.

Soon Jack will arrive from the utterly mundane suburb in another state where he’s been growing up, and Iowa, currently a clever and academically successful but otherwise unremarkable undergraduate, will get a job at the University library that will set her on a course she never imagined. The kids will go on as usual, but they will enjoy the events to come and sometimes play a part in them, and Bud, well, his life will change most of all. This is the afternoon in the orchard where it all begins.

On an artistic note, I remember being very proud of the pencils in the first panel with the three pairs of shoes.  The inked version is somewhat less successful. Today I would have inked more of it with the brush.

And in computer update news, you’ll have to put up with photographs of my art for a while, at least as far as the rest of this story is concerned.  It turns out that the Ancient and Unreliable Scanner is no longer supported and will have to be replaced.  Here’s hoping the new one is faster, quieter, and has fewer indelible whiteout and glue marks on its plate.

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