bud and the bugs from dimension x: post 7

Action!  2016-04-18 16.20.48Here’s the big action scene.  If you haven’t  figured it out, I am not primarily an action artist.  Which is fine, most of the time, since everyday life, though full of movement, is not action packed.  But it also means that passages like the first one on this page are tough for me.  I like these drawings as drawings, but I’m not sure they capture the idea I was trying to express, which was the Bud wasn’t strong enough  to shut the door with his feet by himself, but that he and Spit combined were equal to the task. I do like the way Spit is bracing himself against the panel border.

And the way Nina comes running to finish the job, carrying a rock that seems much to big for her, is pure Nina. Of course, it’s  a spirit rock– maybe that makes a difference.

2016-04-18 16.22.12

Here’s the aftermath, with Nina echoing my own feelings of amazement at the sheer strength of our male friends when we happen to see them use it.  And Spit noticed just how big that rock was, too.

Otherwise, it’s back to the subject at hand, and time for Nina, who is a very fastidious girl, to put her hair back in order with her usual pigtails.  I’m still fairly proud of the fact that I kept the footprints on Bud’s bald head consistent until we see him wipe them off with a bandana handkerchief.

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