desserts of the chinese buffet: the tiny swiss roll

If, you like me, are a fan of the Midwestern Chinese buffet, as found in all the best shopping centers and strip malls, you know that their dessert table offerings are highly conventional: the almond cookies, the macaroons, the sugar peanuts, the various sheet cakes cut into squares, and those odd little napoleons and cream cake things.  Any Chinese buffet you go to, you get the same desserts.

But today I visited an unfamiliar Chinese buffet and had a dessert I’d never seen before: the tiny Swiss roll.


(For those outside the US, that’s a five cent piece, commonly known as a nickel, included for scale.)

The tiny Swiss roll is quite delicious. It is made of pretty good chocolate cake rolled around sweet (!) white cream filling and covered with a thin, crispy-waxy “chocolatey” glaze.  It’s like a tiny Ho-Ho!

This is one of the best Chinese buffet desserts I have tasted in a long time.  If you run a Chinese buffet, please consider ordering the tiny Swiss roll from your Chinese buffet dessert distributor.

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