weekend reading: indiana is weird

Having lived in here for the last 32 or 33 years, I am already well aware that Indiana is weird.  Politically, socially, culturally– Indiana is a strange state, particularly compared to the rest of the US Midwest.  But I never knew why. Then the excellent people at Fivethirtyeight focused their statistical mojo on the topic of the Hoosier State and revealed the results in an excellent article called, of course, Indiana is Weird.

This piece should be required reading for anyone with any interest whatsoever in the state of Indiana or American history in general.  It should be taught in some kind of orientation class for people like me who move here as adults.  Maybe you could get it as a pamphlet when you apply for a driver’s license. You should certainly read it before you register to vote.

Indiana.  Explained.  Amazing.

If I’d read this in 1983 I wouldn’t have been so shocked when I ate lunch for the first time in the south suburbs of Indianapolis and got grits with my eggs.

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