ask bud!: post one

2016-05-04 16.53.21The finished cover of ASK BUD!.  If you don’t feel like rotating the image, the text reads “A series of brief, eccentric and (somewhat) pointless interviews with one of Kekionga’s most enigmatic  inhabitants,  presented in comics form for your amusement,  and perhaps (on a good day) enlightenment.* *For a given value of enlightenment. Maybe.”

I know it’s kind of corny to put a description of the comic on the cover, but the design needed another element. And at least I made the audience work for it. Or provided some play value.

2016-05-04 16.55.09

Iowa and her roommates.  In some ways they are her own personal version of the shoulder angel and shoulder devil.  Shelley, she of the flat top hairdo and shawl collared cardigan, can be counted on to be sensible and practical and encourage Iowa to think before she acts, while Gale, being an unfrozen cave girl woman who’s already gone through a lot, can be expected to tell her to go for it.

2016-05-04 16.57.18

This is the introduction to Iowa’s paper, presented as narration.  I love first person comics, particularly  when the first person stuff is presented as text written by the character in the context of the story.

I don’t think it’s ever come up in one of these stories before, but Sauk Trail State has an unusual departmental structure. History, anthropology, sociology, psychology and related topics are all included in the Department of History and Social Science, with individual majors being determined by course choice and focus, and of course by what Senior Seminars you enroll in. Many multidisciplinary courses are simply described as Social Science plus a number. Social Science 305 is “Oral History in Theory and Practice”.  (Other departments include Arts, Languages, and Literature, usually called “ALL of The Above”, and Mathematics and Sciences, sometimes referred to as Real Science, or Science! with an exclamation point.)

The figure of Iowa on this page is the first practical application of the stick figure chibi project. Read about it on the blog starting here.

And that’s the first time I’ve ever made Iowa write her name. It’s definitely canon.

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2 Responses to ask bud!: post one

  1. Sean K. says:

    I like the way you used five-pointed stars on the cover in place of asterisks. The fact that the one appears in the corner makes it double as a marker for the beginning/end of the description, and it looks nicer as a design element.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Thank you, but it was basically an accident. The original design had the five pointed stars at all four corners, but when I set out the lettering I needed three of the spaces. So I left the star you see at the upper right and let it do double duty as a replacement for the asterisk. *

    * Asterisks are really hard to draw, so I tend to use a five pointed star instead when I make comics.

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