ask bud!: post four

2016-05-09 18.13.39

At the Farmers’ Market. For somebody who loves going to Farmers’ Markets and photographing them, I’m not that great at drawing them, at least in the simplified form required here. A project for this summer, perhaps.

This is the most problematic sequence in the comic, and one of the most difficult scenes to write in all of the Kekionga canon so far.  The question is my own.  It just seems logical that Bud would be a vegetarian, and I’ve always wondered why he wasn’t.  Iowa, as usual, is acting as my proxy here. While I wouldn’t ask someone a question like this to his or her face today, I certainly would have done so when I was a brash young student, and probably just as casually. Bud, of course, is perfectly correct to recognize the inherent stereotypes and call her on it.  He’s actually pretty nice about it.

Read on.

2016-05-09 18.15.23

Poor Iowa! I really identify with how ashamed she was the second that clumsy-at-best question came out of her mouth, and I tried to show that in the drawing.  This isn’t a lesson she is going to forget in a hurry.  Bud sees the results of his criticism and immediately responds with compassion–her intentions weren’t  unkind in any way, and he knows that- and the teachable moment continues in an atmosphere of good cheer and tasty snacks. Bacon, even theoretical bacon, makes everything better.

I am particularly proud of the last panel as Bud strolls past the “Porky’s” stand, which I imagine is run by a cooperative of local farmers who specialize in pork  but who bring all kinds of products from their farms and kitchens.

(I think the photographs here are at least a little better. I replaced the ones in post three  as well.)

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