ask bud!: post five

(Sorry for the delay. Back to our reading of ASK BUD!, with bonus creator commentary. Trying out a new photographic technique as well.)

2016-05-11 14.47.17I am forced to admit that Kekionga,  though well equipped with actual Woods, did not have a proper Botanical Garden and Arboretum until I wrote this comic. And that was just because I couldn’t resist the classic question, which I’m sure is not used by actual psychologists.  Well, that and it was a good excuse to write some tree jokes and draw the Kids running around.

I really like the sign, which is based on vague childhood memories of the signage in the Cleveland  Metroparks in the early 60s.  Adeodatus Rutherford was the semi legendary founder of Rutherford College, one of the predecessor institutions to Sauk Trail State. Emmaline was presumably one of his female relatives who was deeply into botany.

I really like the panel with chibi stick figure Bud and Iowa sitting on the log bench, and of course the ongoing romantic byplay between Nina and Spit.

2016-05-11 14.50.35

I can’t help it. “Monkey Puzzle” is the best tree name ever. I really wish I could claim I made it up.  Unfortunately, it is real, as are Pounce and Lee’s Wikipedia-sourced true tree facts.   These pages gave me a chance to trot out many, though not all, of my foliage related inking effects, including the “loopy pen line and little  black dots” one I borrowed many years ago from Matt Feazell.

Dancing across the page shouting “I’m a monkey puzzle!” is pretty much the most Murphy thing Murphy has ever done.

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