ask bud!: post six

2016-05-12 15.42.19This simple scene is actually a pretty important piece of worldbuilding. One of the settings that has always been missing in Kekionga is a corner cafe/diner/ breakfast all day booth and counter restaurant where all the characters come and go and can meet at random.  This place appears here for the first time in the form of Wooly’s Diner,  with one of Kekionga’s officially-legendary-but-actually-real wooly mammoths as its mascot.  Expect to see Wooly’s in future stories,  as well as a second, darker cafe further away from town.

The guy sitting on the other side of Bud is Anpu, Kekionga’s  resident retired god. Wooly’s is one of his favorite hangouts.

2016-05-12 15.43.04And, as we so often do in these stories,  we return to the Junkyard for the final scene.  In the first panel, Iowa is supposed to be brooding overy her notes at the Junkyard counter in the same position where we left at the diner.  The “All the Junk You Need” slogan is new for this comic, and I’m not sure about it.  The Junkyard definitely  needs a slogan, but this may not be it.

The line about interviewing Bud being like interviewing a fortune cookie was the first thing I wrote for this comic, and the original concept featured Bud responding to all of Iowa’s questions  with quotes from actual fortune cookies.  I collected a whole bunch of them before I gave it up as being too contrived.

But I think some of that corny fortune cookie philosophy has crept in, not just into this comic but into Kekionga as a whole.  “Fortune cookie business” is as good a term for it as any.  Jack has it pretty much right. There’s the every day business, and the magic realist superhero/werewolf/ steampunk/esoteric history/ Dimension X business, and the other business, the fortune cookie business.

Jack has obviously being doing a bit of superheroing here–he is wearing Foursquare’s costume minus the goggles and gloves.

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One Response to ask bud!: post six

  1. Wolfie says:

    (Clap clap clap clap clap)
    Great stuff! I too am a fan of the “fortune cookie business.” Plus that line “Interviewing Bud is like interviewing a fortune cookie from another dimension” is gold.

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