dire corgi tv report

We were watching TV!  It was The Blacklist!  And there was a corgi!  He was in a truck!  And a spy fed him little powdered sugar donuts!  His name was Bosco!  Or maybe Roscoe! He got covered with powdered sugar!

This is good!  Corgis like being in a truck!  Corgis like little powdered sugar donuts!  There should be more corgis on TV!  More corgis should get truck rides ! And donuts!  And be covered with powdered sugar!  Corgis are good actors!  Donuts!

(Yes, on yesterday’s season finale of The Blacklist a spy character broke into a truck and bribed the corgi he found inside into cooperation by feeding him some little powdered sugar donuts he found in the door pocket.  This showed excellent advanced knowledge of corgi psychology.  Apparently spymasters are well aware of the threat hungry corgis present to covert activities and prepare their students accordingly.

The spy accomplished his goals, nothing bad happened to a dog, and the truck driver just assumed the corgi was covered with powdered sugar because he had stolen the little powdered sugar donuts out of the door pocket.  Which Bosco [or Roscoe] almost certainly would have done anyway.)

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