wrestling at the moose lodge: moose lodge luchador


Long time, no wrestling photographs from the Moose Lodge.  This Mexican-style luchador in cobalt blue showed up in the ring there last month.  The second shot is probably better lit, but I like the pose in the first, the skin tones, and the view of his tattoo.


Wresting at the Moose Lodge is a huge photographic challenge.  There is no special show lighting so the action takes place in ordinary room light, and of course the subjects are in action so you have to keep your shutter speeds up to even hope to stop them.  The appropriate lens for this difficult job would be a great big fast sports zoom. But of course I am not a sports photographer so I do not have a great big fast sports zoom and am not about to buy one to shoot wrestling at the Moose Lodge three or four times a year.

So I have tried all kinds of lens options and this time I took the least likely lens imaginable– the 100mm f/2.8 macro I usually use for closeups of plants and bugs.  And it worked pretty well.  Hey, it’s long, and it’s fast, and I know from working with it outdoors that it doubles as a pretty passable all purpose telephoto in good light.  And inside, at the super high ISOs needed to catch action in extremely low light, it’s not half bad either.  Have I found my wrestling lens, or at least the best wrestling lens out of the lenses I have?

(For photo geeks: Pentax K-5iis and Pentax D-FA 100mm f/2.8 WR Macro, 1/250 at f/2.8, -.07 EV,  first image ISO 3200, second image ISO 5000.  Cropped to 4:3.)

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