airplane cartoons from the air force museum (anthropomorphic division)


Anthropomorphic aircraft doing what the do best: attacking goofy enemy missiles with their mighty talons and … eating people’s lunches?


That’s what happens when you paint a fighter with the classic “shark mouth” nose art.

Weird stuff from the Air Force Museum courtesy of regular reader Wolfie.  The first one is particularly interesting since it is signed.  Most art if this kind is anonymous.

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1 Response to airplane cartoons from the air force museum (anthropomorphic division)

  1. Wolfie says:

    I’m glad you chose the second example. I love it, and I’d never seen before- because I’d never gotten a chance to go out into the Nissen huts. It’s a piece of graffiti that was taken from the wall of one of the original huts and shipped back to the States. I couldn’t eliminate the glare from the overhead florescent lights on the glass. But I love the look of contentment on the plane’s face.
    It seems that more modern nose art is signed a lot more often than older examples. They have a neat new display of nose art from B-52s and almost all of those are signed.

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