misidentified robot animals of the pleistocene

IMG_20160528_155842Don’t you just hate it when toy manufacturers mislabel their “zords”?  That is so clearly a toy robot mammoth, not a toy robot mastodon.

If you happen to be creating toy robots based an extinct elephants from the last Ice Age, here is a graphic from the Wikimedia Commons that you may find helpful.


That’s a mastodon on the right.

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2 Responses to misidentified robot animals of the pleistocene

  1. Wolfie says:

    Thank you for writing to ZordCorp with your concerns. We here at ZordCorp strive to provide you with the most accurate robot animal companions possible, whether for fun, home protection, or killing 120 foot-tall mutant bugs from the Crab Nebula. We regret the error in labeling and are talking to our marketing and research departments about correcting it. Thank you again for writing to ZordCorp!

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Such a prompt and courteous response from a major corporation.

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