a weekend in antelopia

IMGP3230-cropandtweak-blogLet’s spend the weekend in Antelopia– the world of taxidermied antelopes (and other creatures), who are among my favorite photographic subjects.  I like the real live ones better, of course, but they are harder to find. Once you develop an interest in taxidermy, examples are everywhere.  This particular location has a fine collection of really well done work, and the lighting is not half bad either, which is unusual.

IMGP3265-slight tweak-slightcrop-blog

Let’s start out with a quiz.  How well do you know your antelopes?  Can you identify these two handsome fellows?

(For camera buffs, these images were made with the Pentax K-5iis and the Pentax D-FA 100mm f/2.8 Macro– proof, I think, that this lens is more than just a bugs and flowers macro but also an excellent all purpose telephoto.)

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1 Response to a weekend in antelopia

  1. Wolfie says:

    Of course I can identify those two handsome fellows. They’re Timmy and Bob, a.k.a. the Bobarino, the hardest-drinking frat brothers on the plains.

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