of wolfsbane and computer data

Botanical drawings and prints can be really beautiful.  These depict a famous plant from folklore and popular culture.  Any lover of the Harry Potter series, remembering that first class in Potions, can answer Professor Snape’s question promptly– monkshood and wolfsbane are the same plant, and its proper name is aconite.

So why aconite?  It’s aconite day because it’s data day– the first working day since all my data is safely installed on my new computer. ( Many thanks for the hard work it took to get to this point.)  Look, I have been exclaiming all day, look, there are my files!  There are my half finished scripts! My cool fonts! The picture files I have collected as art references for comics!  Maybe I will draw the comic with the aconite in it next, now that I have both the scripts and the references ready at hand.


I’m also working on my fiction story featuring an albino coyote.  I’m glad to have his picture back too, but he’s also here to give you some advice.

The White Coyote says “Back up your data!”  I was shocked by how poor my backup habits turned out to be, even though I knew for months that my old computer was on the last of about a dozen lives.  I got a bad scare and am frankly extremely lucky that I don’t seem to have lost anything valuable. I am backing myself up as fast as I sort today and I am going to be a real White Coyote of backup from now on.

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