the white coyote of data management

Yesterday’s post, as blog posts sometimes do, gave rise to an idea. What if, out there in the Knotted Rope, there was a minor Saint* called the White Coyote of Data Management?  Call on the White  Coyote of Data Management for his help in recovering lost or misplaced information, and earn his favor by creating and maintaining a sensible data backup routine.

Here are two icons of the White Coyote of Data Management, based on the image from yesterday’s post:

2016-06-18 15.33.28-1-1albinocoyote-1_20160618160219243_20160618160709308

* In the Knotted Rope, “Saint” is the general term for any of a vast and diverse assortment of quasi-religious figures, half forgotten godlings, minor spirits, cultural heroes, and folkloric characters who are invoked, lightheartedly or not, for support in an equally wide variety of situations.

(Note that this image is not mine but was found in the vast lending library we call the internet. I’d really like to add a credit eventually.  I think I got it from the collection at Wikimedia Commons, but if I am wrong and its creator objects to my affectionate manipulations– my fondness for this particular coyote is sincere– I will of course remove them.)

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