go … mint green devils?

Football time continues. I haven’t been writing about it much (yet), but I’ve been following both the Copa América, ending tonight, and Euro 2016, currently in the round of sixteen. One of my favorite teams in the latter is Belgium, called the Red Devils. 

And the Red Devils, in this tournament, are wearing in some of their games what best can be described as Mint Green Outfits. Yes, technically it is a FIFA approved football kit, but anything in that shade of mint green is an outfit.


This kit doesn’t seem to be slowing Belgium down. Here is the Red Devils captain, the wonderfully named Eden Hazard, in his Mint Green Outfit just after scoring a goal in today’s 4-0 win over Hungary.

(image: AFP, via the Telegraph)

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1 Response to go … mint green devils?

  1. Wolfie says:

    What bugs me about these kits isn’t the color, it’s the fact that Belgium’s flag is turned sideways on the chests and thus looks at first casual glance like the German flag. Yes, the red-gold is reversed, but would it have destroyed the look to have the bars running vertically? Make them squares, maybe. Who knows, I’m not a designer.

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