the most wonderful pratchett reference

It’s always highly satisfactory to gather little bits of evidence that there are other people out there who love the works of the late great Terry Pratchett as much we do.

Currently running on PBS’s Masterpiece is the third series of Endeavor, a police procedural chronicling the early years of the great Inspector Morse. In one scene of the last episode (“Coda”) there is a passage where Morse’s mentor, the marvelously deadpan Inspector Thursday*, advises the able but very green Woman Police Constable** Truegood to smoke a cigarette for her nerves after she witnesses her first in person murder. She should keep the pack, and if she hides it behind her notebook, the brass will be none the wiser.

Thursday tells her he learned the trick from his first guv’nor, “Sergeant Vimes of Cable Street”.

The funny thing about this is that Roger Allam, the actor who plays Thursday, looks exactly like Sam Vimes as I imagine him, and would be my first choice to play him in an imaginary Discworld series.

Roger Allam as DI Fred Thursday.

Roger Allam as DI Fred Thursday. ***

* Later in the episode, Inspector Thursday coughed up the bullet that has been knocking around in his lungs since the end of the last series and went on to win a standoff with bank robbers with just the old revolver he brought back from the war. Last week he drove off a tiger with a flaming torch. He is a badass.

** That is the real title. 1950’s England was way sexist.

***Image from wwwdotsundaypostdotcom.

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2 Responses to the most wonderful pratchett reference

  1. aleclatham says:

    I love Roger Allam (especially in The Thick of It), but in my head Vimes was always Peter Dean (Pete Beale in Eastenders) or Ray Winstone.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      I don’t know anything about Peter Dean (although I did look him up on ye olde Google Image Search and I can see where you are coming from), but I know Ray Winstone’s work and he would definitely be a good candidate. Allam just has a kind of grace to him that I see as being part of Vimes’s character– probably arising from his great intelligence and self determination filtered through his equally determined humility.

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