things that annoy werewolves: the season begins

bigger werewolf beer label

Halloween’s starting early this year, Iowa thought, as she scrolled through Suki’s photoblog to find the source of the latest image that was filling up the bulletin boards in the basement of the Noakes.  Yep. There it was.  As she suspected, Suki had been messing around with her phone camera in the beer store again. Reliably, the craft brewers were celebrating the holiday with … those kind of jokes.  Just like clockwork.  They really should come up with a new gag.  And Suki should stop taking artsy pictures and encouraging everybody to waste printer toner making a dozen copies of every example.

Of course it would help if the boss was less touchy about it.  If he didn’t puff up and growl in such an entertaining way when people teased him about his … furry side, it wouldn’t happen so often.  But as long as the culture as a whole didn’t believe werewolves were real, much less that they were fussy about sloppy thinking and stereotyping, there were going to be plenty of opportunities to tug on his metaphorical tail.  (Even the library riffraff  had the sense to stay away from the real one.)

“Hey, Professor,” she heard Syd calling across the workroom.  “I didn’t know your ex-girlfriend was a model!”

“Hardly a likely scenario, Mr. Van Cleef.  I make it a practice never to date models.  However, the young lady does bear a distinct resemblance to my sister.”

“You’ve got a sister?  Wow, she must be beautiful.”

“Oh, she is.  But I can assure you she’s also a real b…”

Iowa shut the door quietly and got on with cleaning off the bulletin boards.  Sister.  That was interesting.


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