best of the drawing of the day: the new kid (and the new scanner)


Moose: The New Kid’s name is Spencer (everybody calls me Spence), and isn’t that exactly the kind of name a Vulcan kid would pick out if he was trying to fit in?  Also the haircut.  His ears aren’t pointy but maybe he had plastic surgery or maybe he is part human like Mr. Spock and the genetics got mixed up differently.  (We are learning about this in Science with Mendel and the wrinkly beans.)  It’s a little weird now, but the everybody is pretty sure that it’s going to be extremely cool having a Vulcan in the class once we get used to him.

(The return, at last, of the drawing of the day.  After spending the required two or three weeks getting used to the presence of the New Scanner on my desk, setting my notepad and spare glasses on top of it and poking it timidly with one finger, and also looking at the rather uninspired icon for its software on the screen of my computer, I finally got sick of not being able to scan anything. So this afternoon I got up the courage to actually open up the lid for the first time.

Ugh!  It is a New Scanner!  It smells funny. The lid is stiff.  It is not exactly like the old scanner! What will I do?  I will take a deep breath, I will open up the software, and I will scan with it.  My first try was in automatic mode, where it decided that a page in a sketchbook with an ink drawing on it was a Color Photo.  Great.  It is not only a New Scanner, it is a bit of a dope.  What you see above is my second try– in Professional Mode. (Take that, New Scanner!  Straight from noobie to Professional in one step!)  Apparently if you are a Professional you get to decide between black and white and several forms of color, set dpi and determine the size of the image.  So this is black and white scan, straight out of the New Scanner and cropped on my photo management software since I’ve already had enough new experiences for one day.  A jpeg is a jpeg and you can crop it anywhere.

The New Scanner.  Really big.  Really fast.  Makes a bunch of really, really weird high pitched noises. Not exactly a brain trust.  We are going to get along fine. )

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3 Responses to best of the drawing of the day: the new kid (and the new scanner)

  1. Wolfie says:

    Lee is gonna be soooo jealous… is there room in Kekionga for TWO Vulcans… one in fact, and one in spirit?

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Well, Lee and Spence definitely have their issues, but Lee, although he prides himself on his rationality, would probably take offense at being taken for a Vulcan. He thinks of himself as more of a Renaissance man, with a well rounded assortment of interests and the ability to appreciate matters of the heart as well as the workings of the mind. Nobody who dresses so sharply is entirely free of human concerns, after all. Vulcans do not wear saddle shoes.

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