a new fountain pen and a new scanner

twsbi extra fineNew scanner week continues its exploration of the seemingly long forgotten depths of the Drawing of the Day sketchbooks with an example of a very particular class of DoDs– the New Fountain Pen drawing.  I have shared several of these here in the past.

When I get a new fountain pen I do one of these test drawings to see a) if it is working properly, and if it is b) what it can do.  Instead of using a set text, like the Preamble to the Constitution or “the quick brown fox, etc.” I start out by describing the pen, its brand name, nib size and general configuration, and anything I find interesting about it, and then I finish up with a loose drawing and fill in with doodles.  As you can see, I found my new TWSBI Eco with an Extra Fine nib to be very interesting indeed.

As it says in the text, this is a steel nib, fairly stiff with a certain amount of flex, and much wetter, with a faster drop, than the Rotring Sketch Pens I normally use for all my scritchy-scratchy needs.  These pens are good, but they tend to dry out after long periods of drawing and they drop a bit less ink than I would like.  I drew this entire page, all the lettering and the large drawing, without rewetting the nib once.  It is also a very nice pen to handle– large but light, easy to grip, and with the cap posted (and yes, you can post the cap, and yes, it stays posted) it is extremely well balanced.

This drawing was made on the day I got the pen, June 7th.  So I’ve had it about five weeks. I’ve been using it a lot– I plan to spend the next couple of days showing you drawings I’ve inked with it– and I’ve only had to refill it twice.  Since it does not use cartridges and the body itself is the ink reservoir, it holds a ton more ink than a pen with a converter. And in all that time, I have never had to rewet the nib once.  It’s amazing– literally miles of smooth, wet, fast, fine lines and the nib never even stutters; like it’s properly broken in right out of the box.  I have no idea if it is going to hold up long term but I think I am going to have lots of fun finding out.

This is a seriously good drawing pen. My crystal ball predicts  more TWSBIs in my future.

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