best of the drawing of the day: naga and hexapod (more twsbi peeps)

hexapodandnaga-600dpi-crop-blogOne of the most entertaining questions that turns up when drawing people from a highly morphically diverse society as found in the Other Place of the Knotted Rope is “what about clothes?”  If you love inventing and drawing clothes, this is the gold standard of sketchbook fun.  In this drawing, the hexapod guy (like the bespectacled fellow in yesterday’s post) is holding to a theory I’ve borrowed from many centaur artists, particularly the incomparable Donna Barr–dress the vertical body and leave the horizontal one alone.  (Donna Barr fans know that “nobody cares about the hair end”.)  The naga’s costume is of my own devising, dressing about two thirds or three quarters of his snaky lower body in a long stripey T-shirt style garment.

The great thing about all the possible answers to the clothes question is that none of them are wrong.

(Technical note: I used a different scanning and resizing workflow in preparing this image for posting.  New tools can mean new habits …  If you have any opinions about whether today’s image looks better or worse on your display than the ones from the last couple of days, please let me know.)

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