best of the drawing of the day: portrait of a smith

portraitofasmith-cleanedup-blogHe may be a smith, or an engineer, or some kind of steampunk technomage.  He could be human or a dwarf or a brownie or a goblin, or some kind of combination of one or more peoples.  With his goggles, leather apron and simple striped shirt with no collar, he is at home in a wide range of times and places in “reality”, an alternate dimension, or many worlds of fantasy and/or science fiction.  This smith fellow is a handy all purpose character; feel free to borrow him.

(And of course, he is a TWSBI person.  This is yet another variation of scanner settings and software manipulation that results in an image that looks pretty much exactly like the rest of them once you get it up on the screen.  Computers and their peripherals are strange beasts.)

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