the brannock device

IMG_1469642618109_20160727144542421At last, it is mine. I am now the proud owner of this classic 20th Century Brannock Device.  For some mysterious reason I have wanted to have one of these since I was a little kid, and today, at the everything must go, if you don’t see a price make an offer, selling out to the bare walls, last two days total liquidation  sale at out local Sports Authority store, I made that dream come true.

The Device was in daily service until the store closed a couple of weeks ago, and it still works perfectly.  It is well worn but all markings are still visible and it has the beautiful patina that only comes from years of use. My copy was cherrypicked from four examples available, and I paid five bucks for it. Granted, I think it’s only worth three, three fifty tops, but you can’t put a price on dreams. And if you can, it’s probably more than two bucks.


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4 Responses to the brannock device

  1. Very nice. Congratulations!🔆

  2. Rick Santman says:


    Folks, I’ve had my eye peeled for one of these for Pam for 20+ years, with nary a sniff.

    Next time Cat and I are by Casa Bliss I MUST see this little wonderment in person.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      Thank you. I certainly can’t take full credit. Nick found it for me, digging around in the remnants of the shoe department (down to a few kids’ baseball cleats and some of those weird slip on swimming shoes). There were four of them and of course Nick unfailingly picked the best one in terms of condition and function.

      You would have been a little ashamed of me that I didn’t haggle that one last step–when I heard five bucks,I pounced in a rather embarrassing way. I might very well have gotten down to four or even three and a half.

      We will of course be glad to show you and Cat the device on your next visit– you may even have the honor of having your feet measured if you like. I plan to hang it in the studio as a trophy and perhaps carrying it around occasionally as a photographic prop.

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