the single plate mystery beast

Indiana is a single plate state: we are only required to display a single license plate on the rear bumpers of our vehicles. Since many states require plates on both the front and rear, auto manufacturers design cars for the US market with license plate mounts on both bumpers.

This means Hoosier drivers are free to fill the space on their front bumpers with a wide variety of novelty signage in the size and shape of a standard license plate. And we do. Your name, the car’s name, the mascot of your favorite team or the crest if your alma mater,  slogans of varying levels of vulgarity, an airbrushed tropical scene with a palm tree (surprisingly popular), the options are endless.

And they include, apparently, a mirror surface with a silhouette of a mystery animal. I looked at this for quite a long time before I decided it was intended to be a beef steer, perhaps the Black Angus breed.

(The feet of the photographer, in the usual Keen Newport sandals, can be seen reflected in the background.)

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2 Responses to the single plate mystery beast

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    To me, it looks like two guys dressed in a horse costume.

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