the very patient dragonfly

I would like to thank this particular dragonfly, out of all the many neighborhood dragonflies, for being an attractive, interesting, and very patient photographic subject.

I found him (?) perching on the tip of the antenna of the Miata as I came home from my walk. First, I was able to document his presence with a snapshot from the phone camera. Then he waited patiently while I left the Dire Corgi in the yard and went inside to get the black Fuji. (That being the most accessible camera with a lens on it that focuses halfway closely.)

He posed for that camera very nicely, flapping his wings and changing positions, flying off for short flights and then returning, while I tried a number of exposure options and film simulations.

And then he waited while I went inside, put away the Fuji, took the short street lens off the Pentax, put the long macro lens on the Pentax, and came back out again. He then posed for a whole second series of shots, these taken with the appropriate lens. This is above and beyond reasonable expectations for even the most cooperative large bug.

Here I thought insect macro was supposed to be difficult. More (and better, I hope) photographs of the Very Patient Dragonfly quite soon.

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