the very patient dragonfly– pentax


Finally, a serious look at our friend on the end of the radio antenna of the Miata. That’s the official definition of “very patient” as it applies to dragonflies: a very patient dragonfly is a dragonfly who hangs around while you go into the house, take the short zoom off the Pentax, put the macro lens on the Pentax and go back out to the driveway.


A macro lens is a lens that is designed to focus extremely closely and magnify small objects. Technically, a true macro lens will record a small object at 1:1– the image will be exactly the same size as the original.  But that’s a fiddly consideration– just think of a macro lens as an excellent closeup lens. And the very patient dragonfly is definitely ready for his closeup.


Look at his cool compound eyes!  And his claws, and the barbs on his legs!  And the little hairs on his back!  And remember, that’s the tiny little ball on the end of a car’s radio antenna he’s perching on.


Pentax K-5iis and the superb Pentax D/FA 100mm f/2.8 WR Macro.  A lot of people say this is Pentax’s very best lens, and I’m certainly not going to argue.

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2 Responses to the very patient dragonfly– pentax

  1. Wolfie says:

    “The Very Patient Dragonfly” should be a children’s book about a dragonfly that looks through an abandoned magazine and decides it wants to be a model. But whenever he flies into a studio, people chase it away with rolled-up newspapers. Finally, it’s sitting on a car antenna, feeling kind of bad, when a photographer happens along…

    • Pam Bliss says:

      This is the cutest idea ever. This dragonfly is very photogenic and would make a great model. My biggest fear when I realized he was going to keep sitting there was that he was sick or even dead, and I was very relieved when he took off and buzzed around a bit before returning to his favorite spot. He did this several times during the half hour or so I was interacting with him, so I don’t feel like he was too disturbed by the proceedings. It’s fun to speculate that he was actually enjoying his little self.

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