best of the drawing of the day: pretty good dragons (hurg)


“Hurg is a prizewinning Roughcoat Trollshaw Monitor.  What’s the prize?  A live goat, if she could catch it.  She caught it.”

I bet she did.  Hurg looks like she would make short work of a goat.  Please note, however, that I really like goats in the real world, and that no actual goats were harmed in the production of this sketchbook drawing.  All types of dragon, including the Trollshaw Monitor (Rough Coat), are purely imaginary.

If this is your first time reading a Pretty Good Dragons comic, this is a series of single panel cartoons that turn up periodically in my Drawing of the Day sketchbook.  They take the form of a portrait of a person or people with his/her/their pet dragons, with a caption where someone tells an unseen interviewers something about the dragon(s), including names and breeds.  They’re intended as a parody of or comment on the way serious dog people talk about their dogs.  (I know I can bore non-dog people stiff with my stories about the wonders of the Cardigan Welsh corgi. )

And of course, these drawings also give me a chance to do a little bit of worldbuilding.  Most of these “worlds” exist only on the page of that particular drawing, and the worldbuilding itself is only a dropped hint or two, but in this case I may actually have discovered something.  Along with dragons, people and creatures with three eyes sometimes crop up in my sketchbooks, and this drawing suggests that these beings may be trolls and troll creatures.  I can dig it, so it’s official: three eyes= trolls.  I’m not saying that trolls are “real” in the same way that the other peoples of the Knotted Rope are story-real, but they are genuine denizens of the the wider Sketchbook World.

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