best of the drawing of the day- teen!anpu

TeenAnpu-cleanedup-blogSo how can an Egyptian god (Retired) be a teenager?  Anpu of Kekionga is Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, more or less, and he is usually drawn with the physique of a big man in his late prime, say his mid 50s, still strong but gone a bit to seed.  I don’t really remember how I ended up designing him that way; I guess it just goes with the idea of him being retired from the whole deity business.  (Anubis, in authentic Egyptian art, is usually drawn with a body of a slim but muscular young man.)

But even imaginary timelines can have alternate histories/alternate universes– maybe they are even more inclined to this kind of multiversal multiplication than the so called Real World (if there actually is such a thing.)  And somewhere in Kekionga’s nested realities there has to be a College or University or High School AU where you could meet up with Teen! Anpu.

You can tell he’s a teenager in this drawing because his eyes and ears are slightly bigger than normal, his muzzle is slightly shorter, he is wearing a hoodie, and he needs a haircut. (And his music, it’s just noise!)

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