the best of the drawing of the day: a meditative hexapod

meditativehexapod-blogI  started a new drawing of the day sketchbook today– it is number 38 in a series, if you can believe it.  This drawing is from #36.  As far as the blog is concerned, the second half of #36 and the first half of #37 together constitute a “lost sketchbook”– these are drawings that were drawn at the time I was changing computers, when I spent several long months without a scanner.  Expect to see the occasional image from this Lost Sketchbook over the next few weeks as I continue to get to know the New Scanner and all the new software.   Because that was really a fairly good few months, as these things go, and sometimes I need an excuse to practice.

This drawing, in particular, is a personal favorite.  There’s no question that the scritchy-scratchy pen, properly deployed on a lucky day, seems to capture the sketchbook world ideas in a special way. In this case it’s the Scritchy-Scratchy Pen Classic, a Rotring Art Pen with an EF sketch nib, rather than the new TWSBI, which was no more than idea in my head at the time.

I don’t meditate myself, but I do enjoy drawing characters meditating.  There’s something about the relaxed yet deliberate and symmetrical postures that is both soothing and challenging to draw.  Maybe I approach meditation by drawing other people doing it?

Three interesting things about this hexapod are his horns (very uncommon), his tail, which may or may not be levitating, and the swirl of hair at the joining point between his horizontal and vertical torsos, which I think may be the answer to the significant question of exactly where you might find a hexapod’s belly button.

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