best of the drawing of the day: such a small wolf

suchasmallwolf-cropandstraighten-cleanedup-blogWe don’t usually see a lot of werewolves (or werewolf-like beings) in their midrange transitional forms in these sketchbooks.  A respectable Kekionga werewolf is either in the skin (or a 10% wolf “sharptooth” shape ) or in the fur, and prefers to change forms in private.  So this little wolfman guy is probably a folkloric character unrelated to the main story background.

He’s definitely a small wolf; it says so in the caption.  But just how small is hard to tell.  Spirit rocks like the one he is sitting on range in size from pebbles to boulders, so there really isn’t any scale.  Are the plants at the base of the rock grass or brush or the tops of bushes?  Drawing of the day drawings are there to raise questions rather than answer them*, so it doesn’t really matter.  But if you want to think of a bunch of beings that can take the form of knee high wolves scampering around the woods, well, that’s an entertaining thought.

*These little essays, however, often help me tackle issues of worldbuilding I never knew I had.  I’ve always known that the Professor usually takes an approximately 10% wolf form in preference to a fully human one (it gives him improved access to his werewolf strength and those enhanced wolf senses), and so does at least one other canon werewolf.  But the term “sharptooth” for that notch on the lycanthropic continuum is new as of right now.  “I never knew what I thought ’till I read what I wrote”.

(The sharptooth is practically defined as the most fur you can keep without running into problems with the tail.)

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