best of the drawing of the day: the man in the moon

maninthemoon-cleanedup-blogI drew the Man in the Moon.  This is probably my favorite drawing in the Lost Sketchbook* and so it’s a good one to post at the end of the retrospective and promise you that the Best of the Drawing of the Day feature will soon be returning to the original concept of “me posting the best drawing I actually did in the last week so I can possibly remember what I was thinking about when I drew it or what tools I used.”

The Man in the Moon was drawn in pencil and then inked. Tools used are pretty definitely a brush, almost certainly a Pentel Color Brush with an EF tip, and two fountain pens, probably a Lamy Safari or Al-Star with a B nib and a Rotring Art Pen EF sketch.  I’m also sure that the background brushwork was done after the figure was inked and was used to further define the forms rather than just to fill in up to the edge.  And I know some of the stars were added later in whiteout because I did it myself this morning before I scanned it.

As to what I was thinking, I’m pretty sure I didn’t start out to draw the Man in the Moon– I hardly ever draw folklore characters spontaneously, though I love adding them to stories.  My guess is that I started out with the face and somehow the hairstyle got away from me and suggested the upper part of the crescent form.  And so an ordinary figure drawing becomes the Man in the Moon wearing fashionable sketchbook world menswear.

*The Lost Sketchbook stretches across two volumes and comprises the drawings of the day I made during the time late this spring and early this summer when I was transitioning between computers and was without either the necessary software or the necessary hardware or both.  It also includes the time after I actually got the New Scanner and had to look at it sitting on the desk while poking it occasionally with one finger for the better part of two weeks before I worked up the courage to actually scan anything.  I am like a wild animal, I swear.

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One Response to best of the drawing of the day: the man in the moon

  1. Wolfie says:

    The Man in the Moon had a rough time in high school, having to put up with the nickname “crater face” and jokes about his dark side. Look at him now! A nattily-dressed and successful businessman. At first he was joked about for his business lunacy, but now he’s seen as a shining light in the corporate world.

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